About Us
Zorb Sports has been created as a mobile business so that we can deliver our fun and exciting sessions all over Dudley and the surrounding area. We felt that people had become bored with the same sports that you can find in every leisure facility across the UK. So we have introduced our own unique, energetic and physical activities to get the public excited in sports again. This could be in ways of team building sessions, charity events, children's birthday parties, attractions at fairs/tournaments or for just a good time with a group of friends. 

Our services have given the public an opportunity to meet new people and stay healthy whilst enjoying their selves with our fun filled activities. All of our games and activities are perfect for weekly, monthly or yearly occasions.

It is a fact that if people have fun whilst being active they will participate more often.

Therefore the aim of Zorb Sports is to deliver physical games, that are fun and engaging, which will help increase participation in sports within the community.

The activities provided by Zorb Sports will help to:

>Increase participation in sport

>Increase social aspects

>Increase revenue for communities 

>Introduce new sports to customers

>Encourage customers to live a healthy life style

We plan to get thousands of people active each year!

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