Zorb Sports is a physical activity, and like all activities there are some risks!

Before taking part in the session you will be asked to sign a disclaimer

Zorb Sports staff are all fully qualified and Police Checked (CRB)


We are Fully Insured

* Please note that all participants using the inflatable zorbs do so at their own risk *

* All participants must sign a Disclaimer before participating *


* Important Information *

Zorb Sports is not suitable for participants

with the following health conditions:


> Heart or Lung conditions

> Back or neck injuries

> High blood pressure

> Epilepsy

> Claustrophobic

> Undergoing medical treatment

> Any serious injuries or surgery in the

last 12 Months

Rules of Play

•Do not bump into people whilst tilting your zorb forward


•You must not have any zips on your clothing

•You must remove everything from your pockets


 •All jewellery must be removed


•We advise no glasses, however you can use a glasses strap to secure on your head

(We allow sports glasses, we do NOT allow contact lenses)


•You must be wearing appropriate clothing and footwear

(No football studs, No Jeans Advised)


•Shin pads would be advised if you have any


•Make sure harness is tight enough and comfortable to use

• Hold the handles and Stay in the designated area

• Do not roll down hills

• Always be alert and ready to fall

• Always be ready and brace for impact

• You can crash into each other and roll around 

• Do not crash into anyone that is not fully upright and read


• Do not enter or exit the zorb without being instructed to do so by a member of staff

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